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You can contact us and collect or we can have it couriered to you.


We are situated east of Woodlands Pretoria down Garstfontein Drive (M30), with our factory and offices on the same premises giving you the best services for your skin care needs.


For More information visit our main site Kool-a-Sun

    Our Products


    All Our products are made naturally to protect you and our environment.


    We pride ourselves on bringing you the best products on the market that will protect you from UVB and UVA rays.


    Our creams are made to not harm our earth and also at the same time protect you and your skin.


    We aim to provide the most competitively priced sun screens, sunblock and suntan lotions. Visit or contact us today.


    Our standard sunscreen’s are all enriched with the anti-oxidant properties of Vitamins A, C and E.


    In our sun skin care products we have tried to eliminate a cocktail of hazardous chemicals where possible.


    To ensure maximum skin care and skin protection from sun exposure.


    Contact us today for the best sunscreen on the market.

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