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Ultra-Violet ( UV ) Radiation

UV ( Ultra-Violet ) Rays are radiated from the sun. There are 3 types UV A, UV B, and UV C. They are invisible to the human eye and have wavelenth's of UVA (400-315 nm), UVB (315-280 nm), UVC (< 280 nm),

UV A radiation is the most abundant form of UV radiation that we will be exposed to at ground level. UV A can penetrate deeply into the skin causing irreparable damage and can lead to forms of Skin Cancer.

UV B Radiation is the second form of Ultra-Violet radiation we are exposed to. It does not penetrate the skin as deeply as UV A. UV B is the radiation that causes painfull Sun Burn from unprotected exposure to sun-light.

UV C Radiation is virtually completely absorbed by the ozone layer, as long as the Hole in the Ozone is confined to the Polar Regions we don't have anything to fear. KoolaSun's products effectively block out UV C and can be used with confidence by polar explorers and scientists.

UV Rays reflect to an extent off many surfaces including beach sand, concrete and particularly snow. This is one of the reasons to take extra precautions when one is enjoying a day of sun bathing at the beach.

Difference between UV A and UV B skin penetration

Even A Single Sunburn Can Cause Future Problems

Sundamage and visible tan line

To Avoid UV Induced Skin Damage and Cancer

  • Wear Loose Fitting Full Body Clothing
  • Wear a Broad Brim Hat
  • Try Avoid exposure to Strong Solar UV Radiation ( 11 AM to 3 PM )
  • Sunblock and Broad Spectrum Sunscreens help absorb harmful UV Rays from the sun
  • Wear Sunscreen for increased UV Ray Skin Protection
  • Do Not Attempt To Tan ( Rather get a fake tan or use a tinted sunscreen )

  • Understading UV Radiation

    The electro-magentic spectrum

    UV Radiation is a small spectrum of the total electro-magnetic we get to exposed to on earth
    UV is just above the visible light spectrum we see with our eyes
    Below the visible light spectrum is the Infra-Red spectrum , which we feel as heat
    UV energy is absorbed by our skin layers and leads to skin damage and the most common form of Cancer