Kool-a-Sun Sunscreen

Sunscreen at the Workplace

It is the right of every South African employee to work in a safe environment where his job does not pose any health or safety risks.

Unfortunately in South Africa this is always not possible as working in the harsh South African sun can lead to skin melanoma's.

Under Section 9 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 it is every employers duty to abide by the following law:
Every employer shall conduct his undertaking in such a manner as to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that persons other than those in his employment who may be directly affected by his activities are not thereby exposed to hazards to their health or safety.

As it is practically impossible to not work in the sun in the following industries: construction, fishing, open-cast mining, tourism to name but a few it is the employers responsibility to ensure that His staff are protected from the Sun and Sun related health risks.

To assist with this KoolaSun offers sunscreen in 25 liter buckets that are used to refill soap type dispensers, allowing your staff to apply sunscreen in the cloak room and re-apply when they are using one's toilet facilities.
KoolaSun can also supply 1 liter pump top containers were a more portable bulk sunscreen is required.
Although sunscreen does not offer 100% protection against all sun related skin conditions and cancers, research has showed it makes a massive difference, and as far as liability in the workplace is concerned it no longer puts the employer at any risk against claims relating to damage done to the skin at the workplace as the employer is acting in a reasonable and practical manner to ensure workers skin safety.

sunscreen dispensor
An Industrial Type Sunscreen Dispenser

Industries typically non-compliant of UV radiation hazards

  • Welding and Engineering
  • Construction
  • Open Cast Mining
  • Airport Runway Workers
  • Municipal Outdoor Workers
  • Printing Industry

Welding Barrier Cream

Electric arc welding and most other types of welding where the metal is vaporized , gives off radiation in the UV spectrum
It is essential that all welders skin areas like the neck and face are protected from welding radiation
Kool-a-Sun manufacturers welding barrier cream and can supply in bulk for dispensers or 1 liter pump top bottles

Welding gives off UV radiation which can cause skin cancer

Black Light Protection

Black light otherwise known UV A lighting is commonly used to speed up ink drying in the printing business
Black light emits long wave length UV A radiation which penetrates deep into the skin causing irreversible damage
Kool-a-Sun manufactures a UV barrier cream with moisturisers specifically designed to protect workers in the printing industry from harmful radiation they can get exposed to in the workplace